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Friday, 27 April 2012 23:39
Written by Neil Gray

Spending some time in Chile, based in Santiago. What an opportunity to see some New World birds. Almost every bird I see is new. Most have their ecological counterparts in Africa and Europe, but are often only distantly related.

Santiago is a great base. Within 2 hours driving you can bird rocky shorelines, coastal lagoons, tidal mudflats, wetlands, low altitude grassland, the high Andes, and even go pelagic birding. Several of the Chilean endemics are quite common around Santiago, such as the Chilean Mockingbird, Crag Chilia and Moustached Turca. Some of the most reliable sites for the much sought after Diademed Sandpiper-Plover are within easy reach of Santiago too.

The usual African and UK species will have to take the back seat for a while as I concentrate on something completely different.



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