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Photos of some members of the Orders Cingulata, Hyracoidea, Lagomorpha, Pholidota, Pilosa and Rodentia

European Wood Mouse [Apodemus sylvaticus]

African Grass Rat [Arvicanthis niloticus]

Brown-throated Sloth [Bradypus variegatus]

Plantain Squirrel [Callosciurus notatus]

Prevost's Squirrel [Callosciurus prevostii]

Brazilian Guinea Pig [Cavia aperea]

Andean Long-clawed Mouse [Chelemys macronyx]

Hoffmann's two-toed Sloth [Choloepus hoffmanni]

Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth [Choloepus hoffmanni]

Chipmunk [Eutamias minimus]

Azara's Agouti [Dasyprocta azarae]

Central American Agouti [Dasyprocta punctata]
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