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Birds and other animals and insects from various localities in Costa Rica (March 2020)

Little Tinamou [Crypturellus soui modestus]

Grey-headed Chachalaca [Ortalis cinereiceps]

Crested Guan [Penelope purpurascens aequatorialis]

Great Curassow [Crax rubra rubra]

Great Curassow [Crax rubra rubra]

Muscovy Duck [Cairina moschata]

Great Potoo [Nyctibius grandis]

Pauraque [Nyctidromus albicollis albicollis]

Dusky Nightjar [Antrostomus saturatus]

Green Hermit [Phaethornis guy coruscus]

Scaly-breasted Hummingbird [Phaeochroa cuvierii maculicauda]

White-necked Jacobin [Florisuga mellivora]
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