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Birds from the Screech Owl Sanctuary and Newquay Zoo in Cornwall, England (August 2018)

Cinnamon Teal [Spatula cyanoptera]

African Black Duck [Anas sparsa]

White-necklaced Partridge [Arborophila gingica]

Crested Partridge [Rollulus rouloul]

Western Barn Owl [Tyto alba]

Black-necked Stilt [Himantopus mexicanus]

Eurasian Eagle-Owl [Bubo bubo]

Eurasian Eagle-Owl [Bubo bubo]

African Wood Owl [Strix woodfordii]

Spotted Eagle-Owl [Bubo africanus]

Tawny Owl [Strix aluco]

Rufous-legged Owl [Strix rufipes]
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